Andy with large locally salvaged live edge black walnut slabs

A remarkable piece of furniture starts with remarkable raw material.
We have a strong environmental commitment to use locally sourced salvaged and reclaimed wood, using wood from stately old black walnut, maple, ash, elder and fruit trees that have fallen in storms or from other natural events and would be otherwise turned to firewood or mulch. By using salvaged wood we’re maintaining a small carbon footprint and are able to capture the beauty of large, 100-200 year old trees, preserving them forever in the heirloom pieces we create.
These pieces are full of history, and the enormous single slab or bookmatched tables that we create are truly living monuments, becoming a warm, welcoming centre of any room they’re in.
All of our wood is salvaged or reclaimed, as well as kiln dried locally, maintaining our commitment to supporting local business and ensuring that our wood does not travel far, further reducing our environmental impact .
Using local materials for furniture has a cascading positive effect. By purchasing products sourced and made in Southern Ontario, our customers are supporting local businesses and their employees.

Buying locally made products from locally salvaged sources, means buying materials that have not traveled across the globe, thereby reducing your “Carbon Footprint” and reducing our collective net impact on global warming. Using locally salvaged hardwoods keeps useful materials out of the landfill, and also keeps the wood from getting burned as firewood (less CO2 emissions), and most likely means that fewer trees are being removed from intact ecosystems.


We use local, salvaged hardwoods from enormous old trees that have come down in storms or otherwise collapsed


We’re also passionate about using reclaimed barn beams and board, honouring the long lives these local structures have lived in Ontario history, transforming 150 year old  threshing floor boards into stunning beds, tables and other custom pieces.

We use threshing floor boards & hand-hewn barn beams from local century barns. We don’t like to see Ontario’s lovely barns coming down, but when a barn collapses, we partner with local demolitionists to acquire this worn and heavily distressed wood. These unique boards are rich in colour, grain pattern, and character, as they also possess original distressing (no re-sawing of original faces).

A local Ontario barn that partially collapsed in a storm; the beams and boards will be used for furniture, preserving the unique character and history of each piece


One of our heritage barn beam & board headboards

Our furniture and other products are made in Ontario from local materials. The cost of our products reflects the actual cost of producing products in a responsible manner, while still remaining competitive by maintaining low overhead costs.

We are working to keep the environmental impact of our business to a minimum and to be conscious of all our processes. We are constantly questioning our practices and seeking the best materials, products, and policies. Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Local reclamation, local production, and local sales  All of our materials are reclaimed, salvaged and kiln dried locally. Every aspect of our designs, including our custom steel bases, are made locally in Ontario.
  • Finishes Our standard finish is 100% pure Rubio oil, which is zero VOC and 100% natural. If a client does request staining and varnish, we use low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) and HAPs (Hazardous Airborne Pollutants) free finishes.  There is no added formaldehyde in any of our finished products.
  • Shipping We strive to use recycled shipping materials whenever possible, further reducing our environmental impact, and we encourage our clients to recycle any shipping materials they receive from us.