Nicole & Wyeth are a warm, artistic couple who live in Toronto’s High Park area with their two children; they had undertaken a quest for their dream live edge table. They chose Living Wood Design to bring their vision to life, and decided on the chrome Junction base, a fitting style as their lovely home is in the Junction area in Toronto. They chose a stunning set of salvaged, live edge silver maple slabs, with amazing grain and black spalt for their table. The myriad of colours in the wood grain looks perfect in their bright sunny home. The sculptural hand- carved wave that Wyeth chose for one end of the table compliments their artistic environment and personalities! Have a look at the charming review that Nicole wrote about their experience:

When my husband Wyeth and I were planning our renovation, our main motivation was to create a warm and open space where family and friends were always welcome, particularly around our table.  So we began the crazy process of opening up our turn of the century home and we endured all the hundreds of little details, the few big surprises and the slow passage of time that come with it all. Then suddenly, we were home.

Table- less.  And so began our quest for the table that would make our entire renovation complete.  With a lot of modern clean white lines in the house, we knew we wanted the warmth of wood, but that was about the only thing we agreed on. While Wyeth had been that rare gem of a husband who said ‘what she says, she’s the one with the taste and the vision,” he dug his heels in when it came to our table.  He was adamant that it be organic in shape and be handmade by a passionate craftsman.

A tough wish list, but somehow, we found exactly that with Andy.  Both Andy and Anna welcomed us into their home and as Andy began to talk about his work, about the beauty of wood, about what he could build for us, we were hooked.  With Andy’s expert guidance, we scrapped the idea of yet another walnut table, and chose two book -matched slabs of silver maple. It was the sort of serendipitous choice that leads to something uniquely yours.

When Andy and Anna delivered our table, we knew instantly our home was complete.  Andy surpassed our expectations.  From its depth of colour, to its undulating live edge and its sexy chrome base, the table has a strength and beauty that grounds our family.

Every inch of this gorgeous table demands admiration. At a recent dinner party, I looked over at a guest as she was running her hand across the live edge of the table and she sheepishly admitted she just couldn’t stop touching it. Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, it’s a table that feels good and makes you feel good.  And what more could you ask for than that?

Nicole & Wyeth, Toronto