When Mario contacted us about designing a unique live edge desk for his office at Bold Internet Solutions  in downtown Toronto, he already had a clear idea of what he was looking for. Mario has a strong eye for design and was completely engaged in collaborating in the design of his custom piece. He met with Andy, picked the salvaged walnut slabs that would make his desk, and was involved with the entire process of envisioning the shape of the piece. Mario was our ideal customer,  passionate about preserving the form and natural beauty of the wood and allowing for nature to dictate the shape his desk would take.

Mario requested that we make him a distressed steel base for the desk; the base has a raw industrial feel that really compliments  the walnut desk top. Mario wanted the walnut slabs to be joined in such a way that created a space in the centre with live edge that would allow for any cords from his computer to disappear through the desk. He also requested that Andy leave the bark on the outer edge of the desk, serving as a truly rustic frame for the more refined  oil finish on the surface of the desk. The desk is the perfect centrepiece for Mario’s office, as his love of the outdoors shines through in the various naturally-themed pieces in his office,  juxtaposed with the concrete and glass structures that dominate the downtown core where his office is situated. Enjoy your island of serenity in the midst of the concrete jungle, Mario!

Have a look at the review that Mario wrote about his experience with Living Wood Design:

I work in concrete surroundings but wanted my office to reflect the warm, softer tones of nature. When I saw examples of Living Wood Design furniture, I thought they might be the solution I was looking for to create a unique office desk. I wanted a local wood as opposed to an exotic—which I felt were more appropriate to dining room tables. The raw slab was a stunning piece of walnut with a prominent limb extension. I saw the potential of keeping as much of the natural shape and bark on the one side while finishing the working edge to a more even line on the other. I also kept the prominent opening in the middle which facilitated access to cords and cables without those hideous telltale round holes you see everywhere. It was the perfect combination of art and function in a single piece.

Working with Andy was a pleasure as he enthused at the challenge of building something a bit out of the ordinary. He shared my vision and set out in earnest to shape and finish the table from its raw state. I couldn’t imagine a more pleasant experience nor more impressive outcome. One day when I retire, I’ll take this piece up the cottage so I can continue to enjoy its one-of-a-kind addition to our home.

Mario, Bold Internet Solutions, Toronto, February 2014