Our focus at Living Wood Design is to be sustainable in our business practices and to support local sustainability and environmental initiatives.

We donate a percentage from our sales to the Muskoka Conservancy, our local conservation non profit.

The Muskoka Conservancy currently holds over 2,400 acres of land and 37,000 feet of shoreline in 36 nature reserves and conservation easements, and also encourages environmentally responsible behaviour through public awareness programs, annual awards and shoreline restoration projects. They also promote sound environmental practices such as wetland protection, dark sky initiatives and the planting of indigenous trees and shrubs.

We also give a percentage from every sale to the non profit program that we started when we volunteered in Honduras for four years. Our program supports health and education programs in rural areas in Honduras, so every sale helps to bring hope to communities in need.

Thank you for supporting Healthy Villages!

See more at www.healthyvillages.org