We’re excited about our new shipment of live edge slabs to make bookmatched tables! Our wood comes from locally salvaged trees that are also milled and kiln dried near our workshop in the Guelph, Ontario area. This means that we’re leaving a very small environmental footprint with our transportation costs, re-using century old trees that would otherwise end up as firewood or mulch, and supporting local businesses.

Because our wood is kiln dried, we can guarantee that the wood has very little moisture content and will not crack or warp, resulting in heirloom quality furniture that will last for generations!

Andy with 9 ft. black walnut bookmatched slabs

These stunning new pieces are 8- 10 ft. in length, ready to make one of a kind custom tables. We have bookmatched black walnut, maple and box elder slabs, all with breathtaking grain and extraordinary live edge shapes. We love to have clients come to the workshop and pick out their wood, and we collaborate to come up with the design for your dream table! Have a look at some of our table designs here, and contact us today to arrange a visit; we’re also happy to send you photos by email.

These amazing 9 ft. bookmatched black walnut and maple slabs will make stunning one of a kind tables

rare box elder slabs

Box elder is prized for the unique red streaks that run through the grain; the appearance in finished wood is stunning

Black walnut live edge slabs